Healthcare storage solutions for hospitals, medical centres and aged care

The leading innovation in clinical storage solutions for healthcare

Spacelogic is Australia’s best selling provider of gold standard healthcare storage solutions. Our innovative solutions comply with Australian Clinical standards for best practice and infection control.

我们三个相互关联的部门运作,浸ering medical storage project consultation, specialist storage installation and storage product innovation.

Spacelogic designs and manufacturers a wide range of innovative medical storage solutions including clinical storage racking systems, clinical wire baskets, medical shelving, hospital benching and workstations, orthopaedic storage solutions, as well as the World’s No.1 healthcare medical trolley.


Designers of the transformative STERIRACK™ System

The leading innovation in clinical storage solutions for healthcare

Transformative STERIRACK™ is a healthcare storage system designed and developed to meet the clinical needs of healthcare professionals.

STERIRACK™ is a complete suite of premium quality advanced components, including hospital racking, shelving and wire baskets, as well as integrated pharmacy shelving. When assembled STERIRACK™ becomes a fully integrated, tailored clinical storage solution perfectly suited to the size and shape of your available storeroom space.

STERIRACK™ is installed with your choice of basket sizes and shelving configurations, and can be adjusted and reconfigured by your staff at any time to meet their changing needs.

STERIRACK™ Trolleys - World's No.1 fully integrated clinical trolley



STERIRACK™ Trolleys can be customised in height, width and configuration to suit their application within your facility. Designed by us for hospitals, medical centres and Healthcare in general.

Colour coding protocols can be implemented across all products using our unique Click ‘n’ Clip colour-coded label holders and post strips.


Who are we and what benefits do we offer?

我们是澳大利亚在医疗保健解决方案中的黄金标准的最佳销售提供商 - 医院货架系统,医疗搁板和长凳,临床篮和医用手推车。
Optimise your potential


We’d love to help you optimise the potential of your new spaces, or your existing under-utilised areas. We take huge pride in perfectly tailoring your project to your needs.


Healthcare facilities have already discovered the significant efficiency, cost-effectiveness and infection control benefits of our flagship product, the金博宝备用网址.

Installing the STERIRACK™ System will make your day-to-day operations easier, safer and more cost effective, and give staff more time to devote to face-to-face patient care.

Transform your space

Whether your organisation is a hospital, aged care facility, medical centre, pharmacy, vet clinic ambulance station or lab, our focus is to transform every square foot of your healthcare storage space into an asset.

In other words, we find solutions for your storage and logistic systems that are supremely efficient, user friendly, hygienic and cost effective.


We resolve healthcare storage problems


我们三个相互关联的部门运作,浸ering project consultation, specialist installation and product innovation.

Project consultation and design

Our expert healthcare storage design consultants focus on the requirements of your facility. We can work with your architect or builder to achieve the very best outcomes.Once we’ve determined your best solution, the final recommendation is modelled in 3D to provide a clear visual interpretation.



All solutions are installed by the highly experienced, friendly and professional tradespeople in our Healthcare Storage Solutions Team.Our priority is to meet each of your organisational expectations – on time and on budget.

Product innovation

Our healthcare storage product range is exclusive to Spacelogic®.






This hasn’t simply come about through our team’s expertise, dedication and talent. It’s also a result of our realisation, through decades of research and development, that space itself should be an asset.



Naturally, all our work is backed up by ongoing maintenance programs and warranties.


Elevate your workplace

Our highly experienced team would be delighted to help you and your clinical team achieve optimal workplace outcomes for your healthcare storage spaces.

Call our professional Customer Service Team on 1800 633 728 to find out how Spacelogic® can transform your healthcare storage problems into elevated gold standard solutions that comply with Australian standards for best practice and infection control.


Our clients


Space Management Consultants

Spacelogic® does not believe in one size fits all. Our consultants focus on the specific needs of individual clients and we work with architects and healthcare designers to ensure a truly integrated healthcare storage solution.



Lastly, having fully determined the best solution, a final recommendation is modelled in 3D to provide clear visual interpretation. This saves time and money by allowing final adjustments to be made pre-installation.

Spacelogic medical storage solutions


Spacelogic® specialises in fully integrated clinical storage and retrieval solutions installed by the experienced and professional tradesmen in our Spacelogic Healthcare Storage Solutions Team.

Great pride is taken in tailoring such installations to the healthcare sector. We have substantial experience, including storeroom and clinical storage solutions, at over 300 hospitals and medical facilities.

You will never be disappointed with our guaranteed fast and reliable service. All our work is underpinned by ongoing maintenance programs that ensure continued operational efficiency.

Spacelogic® systems offer the flexibility to reconfigure, extend or upgrade as needs change over time. And our product range has been designed to facilitate this process.

STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

Space Management Systems

Our systems are exclusive to Spacelogic® and to the healthcare sector. Our range of healthcare storage products are designed, researched and innovated by the Spacelogic team to ensure the provision of an integrated solution that

  • maximises space
  • improves efficiency, and
  • provides the gold standard in best practice inventory and infection control.

Our systems include, but are not limited to, STERIRACK™ System medical racking, clinical wire shelving, medical wire baskets and hospital benches, as well as clinical trolleys.

These products are hygienic, durable and of high quality. They have been designed to meet the demands of compact and sterile healthcare environments.

All STERIRACK™ accessories can be used in both STERIRACK™ Systems and STERIRACK™ Trolleys, giving your facility a fully integrated and efficient clinical storage solution for healthcare.


Ergonomic pharmacy shelving systems are created specifically for pharmacists and their dispensaries. The system is fully configurable – including single or double sided units and dividable shelf lanes with full labelling provision.

When suitable, Automated Pharmacy is a clever solution, using hardware and software, and allowing total identification and traceability of pharmaceutical products at any stage of the process flow.


High density storage solutions for sterile inventory can be created using the Spacelogic® STERIRACK™ System. STERIRACK™ wire baskets have been designed using a unique looped wire with no sharp edges. The system is configurable to suit all theatre storage spaces.


Central Steralising

We understand the complete reprocessing and sterilising services that exist within the CSSD. This allows us to find the correct storage solution for both storage and logistics in these areas. Spacelogic® healthcare storage systems comply with Australian Standard AS4187 Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection, as well as standards advised by the Clinical Excellence Commission.




Spacelogic® are the experts in retro-fitting and refurbishments for clean utilities in Australian hospitals. We completely refurbish clean utility rooms, bringing them up to healthcare standards and giving them a fresh new start.

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We care for staff and customers alike. We are all part of the Spacelogic family.

100% effort 100% of the time. We stand firmly behind our brand.


We love what we do. Our clients love what we do.

Industry experts, pioneers and leaders. We are No. 1 in the game - ahead of the curve.

Continually striving to higher standards. Completing tasks the right way at the right time.

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